Maverick Review – BEAUREGARD . Self-Released

maverick-magazine-logoVocal superiority matched quite beautifully by instrumentation in the most superlative way possible Bringing you her third album, but the first with her band, this teasing singer from Toronto along with the five other musicians include tracks that have an upbeat groove about them which leaves you wanting and begging for more. Within its eleven tracks lie a smorgasbord of radio-friendly, Americana-experimental and downright surreal tracks that make you scratch your head and nod your head in appreciation at the same time. With an opening few moments similar to a jamming session, Whippets seems as though Kate double-tracks her vocals at certain points, as Buddy Holly did, to great effect. With more than a hint of the gypsy band Oi Va Voi about this track, the use of the accordion and hand-slapping adds to this track’s atmosphere of radio friendliness and inventiveness. Stealing From You begins quite teasingly courtesy of some piano tinkling which is soon joined by jovial vocals that act as musical foreplay before this wall of harmonious and instrumental goodness hits you. Silent Movie is not a tune which allows the audience to wonder, as from its very first second it includes so much in a short duration you don’t really know what aspects to fully concentrate on and requires at least three or four hearings for its quality and overt beauty to fully penetrate the consciousness. With a hypnotic beginning, Feels Like Years is a candidate for the ideal driving song. Not for the likes of Route 66, but the frozen Canadian landscape at the height of winter. It has a feel-good element about it, but in an apprehensive way. A song that asks more questions than it answers which is always a good thing for music. Joining the ever-growing ranks of exceedingly good artists currently coming from Canada, I see no reason why this band wouldn’t be able to lead the way in showing the world the quality of Canadian music. If this prediction comes true, than that would surely be a situation to savour.

RH Laura Bethell Maverick

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